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Mr. Rajan Sharma

Published on: 12-Sep-2023, 05:42 PM     

Q: Can you tell us about Milipol India?

A: Milipol India is the Leading International Event for Homeland and Internal Security for Indo-Pacific, which will be held in New Delhi from the 26th to 28th October 2023. This show is supported by Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India, Ministry of External Affairs and Interior Ministry of France.

Q: What is the history of Milipol?

A: For 30 years, Milipol Events have been promoting the best-in-class products and services of the homeland security and civil defense ecosystem to the utmost demanding state or private decision makers. As it happens in Paris, Qatar and Singapore from past many years.

Q: Since this is your first edition in India, what is your expectation?

A: Milipol India will welcome more than 180 exhibitors including international pavilions showcasing their latest equipment’s and technologies and 5,000 + security industry professionals from the Public and Private sector. VIP Officers from regional and international Government security forces will be there to discuss and interact with our exhibitors around their needs and their future projects.

And when it comes to homeland security, India market is the place to be: Milipol India aims to bring to Indian brands a global stage to showcase their products and attracts buyers from outside the continent.

Milipol India serves as a platform for industry professionals, government agencies, and security experts to come together and discuss the latest advancements, technologies, and strategies in the field of security and law enforcement. The event aims to promote cooperation and collaboration between various stakeholders involved in maintaining public safety and security. We aim to have:

  1. Successful Launch
  2. Networking and Collaboration
  3. Showcasing Innovations
  4. Knowledge Sharing
  5. Public-Private Partnerships
  6. Awareness and Education
  7. International Participation


Q: Which all industries are you covering in this exhibition?

  • Transmissions - Communication - Positioning
  • Authentification - Access Control - Surveillance
  • Information Technology
  • Optics - Optronics
  • Consultancy - Training - Services
  • Mobility
  • Weapons - Ammunition
  • Personal Equipment - Fabrics
  • Major Risks - Crisis Management - Civil Emergencies
  • Drones & Robotics
  • Materials, Fibers and Fabrics
  • Measurement and Analysis Equipment
  • Fire and Protection
  • Corporate and Media
  • Border Protection
  • Fight against terrorism
  • Protection of critical infrastructure
  • Road Safety – Traffic Control – Highway Security
  • Forensic Suppliers



Q: What will be your targeted visitors for the exhibition?

  • Police Officers
  • Special Forces
  • Border Control Authorities (Immigration, Customs)
  • Cyber Security Government Authorities and Agencies
  • National Security Agencies
  • Civil Defense Officers
  • Security & Loss Prevention
  • Professionals Security Consultants
  • Government Safety & Security Professionals
  • CEOs Director/Head of Security
  • Risk Management
  • Security System Integrators
  • CIOs
  • Police Academies


Q: How many exhibitors are expected to join this gala?

A: 150+ Exhibitors from all over the World.


Q: How many countries are joining the exhibition?

A: 10+ Countries from all over the World.


Q: How participating companies will be benefited by exhibiting in the exhibition?

A: VIP Officers from regional Government security forces will join us at Milipol India 2023, These VIP Delegations are a highlight of Milipol India. Our exhibitors and sponsors will have the opportunity to meet, discuss and interact with these high-ranking decision makers:

  • Official Government Delegations, Ministries
  • Commanding Civil Defense Officers
  • Commanding Police Officers/Chiefs of Police
  • Heads/Directors of Departments, Program Managers


Q: What will be impact on the industry by organizing this exhibition?

A: Organizing an exhibition like Milipol India can have several impacts on the security and homeland industry. Here are some potential impacts that such an event could have:

Networking and Collaboration: The exhibition provides a platform for industry professionals, government agencies, and security experts to network and collaborate. This can lead to partnerships, knowledge-sharing, and the exchange of ideas that can drive innovation and improvements in security solutions.

Exposure to New Technologies: Exhibitors at the event showcase the latest security technologies, products, and solutions. This exposure can lead to the adoption of new and advanced technologies by security agencies, which can enhance their capabilities in various areas such as surveillance, cyber security, border control, and more.

Business Opportunities: The event can create business opportunities for exhibitors and companies in the security industry. They can showcase their products and services to a targeted audience and potentially secure contracts or partnerships with government agencies, private organizations, and other stakeholders.

Knowledge Transfer: Conferences and seminars held alongside the exhibition can facilitate the transfer of knowledge and best practices. Experts can present case studies, research findings, and insights that contribute to a better understanding of security challenges and effective strategies.

Policy and Regulation Discussions: The event can serve as a platform for discussions on policy, regulations, and standards in the security and homeland sector. These discussions can help shape effective and balanced regulations that address security concerns while respecting individual rights and privacy.

Showcasing Local Innovations: Organizing such an event in India can highlight the country's advancements in security technology and innovation. This can lead to increased recognition of local players in the global security market.

International Collaboration: The event's international nature can foster collaboration between Indian security agencies and their international counterparts. This exchange of ideas and practices can contribute to more effective security strategies.

Overall, the impact of organizing an exhibition like Milipol India can be multifaceted, ranging from technological advancements and business growth to knowledge dissemination and policy discussions. The exact impact will depend on the success of the event and the level of engagement from all stakeholders involved.



Q: Any message for readers?

A: In a rapidly evolving world, staying informed and engaged is essential. Whether it's in the realm of technology, security, or any other field, your curiosity and desire to learn make a significant difference. Embrace opportunities to attend exhibitions, conferences, and events like Milipol India, as they provide a unique platform to explore innovations, exchange ideas, and connect with experts.

Remember that your involvement matters – from discovering new solutions that can shape industries to forging connections that lead to meaningful collaborations. Stay curious, stay informed, and keep seeking knowledge. Your engagement contributes to the growth of industries, the advancement of society, and the betterment of our shared future.


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