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Mr. Praveen Khemka

Published on: 20-Dec-2023, 06:46 PM     

Q: Can you please help us with your educational and professional background which would help our viewers connect with you better?

Praveen Khemka is a B Tech Civil, IIT KGP graduate and MBA in Strategy & Finance, WHU Vallendar, Germany and Kellogg’s Business School, USA. He holds an experience of 7 years in Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Siemens AG-Munich, Altira AG – Frankfurt, before joining “Tufwud Doors” in 2012 and now oversees strategy, projects, process, quality and new business areas.

Apart from being a profound member of BIS Committee for Codes and Standards on Fire safety - CED36, he is also a member of Indian Chamber of commerce.

Q:  What is the significance of fire doors in today’s scenario when we have witnessed so many severe fires in recent times?

Although they may seem simple, Insulated fire doors form part of a buildings fabric which is designed to save lives by compartmentation, thus preventing the spread of smoke and FIRE (i.e. HEAT) and give enough time for evacuation. This is known as a Passive Fire Protection System. A fire door is more than just a door; it is a carefully selected configuration of components, which have been rigorously tested and assembled in order to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

As per records India recorded 1.6 million fires and 27,027 deaths. The study said kids under five and adults above 60 are the biggest fire victims. Fire services recorded that 34% was caused by smoke and a further 19% caused by both gas/smoke and burns.

Q: Can you provide a brief overview of your company, including its history, mission, and values?

Certainly. Our company, Tufwud doors and accessories Pvt.Ltd, was founded in 1988 with a mission to deliver high-quality, safety-compliant passive safety doors andsimultaneously work on the mission of safe future via safe buildings. We value innovation, customer satisfaction, and adherence to the highest industry standards.

Q: What is the new amendment on fire doors we have been hearing about.

Oh!! Yes. This was much awaited.

It cannot be less emphasized that in an incident of fire accident, most human damage caused by HEAT and SMOKE.

In 2021, the IS code for Fire Rated Doors, IS 3614, was revised, which caused concerns regarding the fire safety of dwellings relying on passive fire safety mechanisms. However, a recent amendment modifies the provisions of the previous IS 3614: 2021 code and highlights the importance of fully insulated doors. The insulation requirement has been reinstated, recognizing the critical role of fire-rated doors in providing a safe escape or rescue during fire emergencies. The amendment aims to eliminate potential threats to fire safety in dwellings. Fire doors has been Bifurcated into Fully Insulated fire door and Partially Insulated fire door. This transparency makes the fire officers, architects and builders to take informed decisions and design building according to the need.

Q: What sets your company apart from other fire door manufacturers?

Ah! I believe there are many in the list but let me highlight two. One – Our firm belief is providing products that are ACTUALLY functional and serve the purpose intended for and second- is end to end reliable - pre and post sales service. We work closely, one on one with clients to tailor products and services to their specific needs. Additionally, our emphasis on rigorous quality control and compliance with the latest safety regulations ensures the reliability of our products.

Q: What types of fire doors does your company specialize in?

Tufwud doors and Accessories Pvt Ltd is a bulk bracket manufacturer of architectural doors. It includes Fully Insulated Fire Doors,Acoustic doors(fire or non-fire), Radiation proof - lead lined doors, designer laminated doors, seasoned wood and decorative wood. Each door is designed to meet different aesthetic and functional requirements while maintaining the necessary ratings and compliance.

Q: Does your company provide installation services, or do you work with third-party installers?

Tufwud happily caters processes from enquiry to installation in the best possible manner. However, we offer both options and our clients can choose to have our skilled installation team handle the process, or they can opt for coordination with trusted third-party installers. In either case, we ensure that installation is carried out according to the highest standards and in line with our method statement.

Q: How do you stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the fire door manufacturing industry?

We actively participate in industry conferences, maintain memberships in relevant associations, and foster collaborations with experts in passive safety. Additionally, our research and development team is dedicated to staying ahead of industry trends and technological advancements.

Q: Can you share any upcoming developments, expansions, or plans for your company in the near future?

We are currently exploring more of passive safety world in the form of fire and acoustic walls, barriers, fire retardant paints, which align with our commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of our clients. Tufwud, in collaboration with BSE(Build Safe Engineers) are also conducting technical workshops (online and offline) on passive safety in buildings. Stay tuned for exciting announcements and innovations in the near future.

Q: What message do you wish to convey to the readers

Our mission goes beyond manufacturing doors; it's about educating and empowering our customers. Through informative resources, we aim to raise awareness about passive safety and the critical role that high-quality doors play in protecting lives and property.

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