Mr. Mitual Bokadia

Vice President

United Forge Industries

Mr. Mitul Bokadia

Published on: 24-May-2023, 05:04 PM     

Q:  Kindly tell us know about your company?

We feel pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer (M/s. United Forge) of Forge steel fittings, Butt-weld Fittings and Flanges of the items mentioned below in major material grade i.e., Carbon steel& mild steel with respect to ASTM/ASME specifications required by the customer. We are dealing with various organizations since 15 years successfully.

We are dealing with complete range of the following products:-

· Elbow (90°/45°)

· Tee

· Cross

· Coupling (Full/Half)

· Union

· Branch Outlet

· Plug

· Bush

. Nipple

· Flange

Q: kindly do let us know the product range you offer in fire safety?

Forge Fittings:-size - 1/2” - 4” - Socketweld & Threaded

Class - 1000# , 2000# , 3000# , 6000# 9000#

Grade - ASTM A105 , IS1239 PART II

Butt-Weld :- size - 1/2” - 24” Seamless S/40 - S/160 ASTM A234 WPB B16.9

SIZE - 1/2” - 6” IS 1239 PART II

SIZE - ABOVE 6” IS 3589

Flange: - size - 1/2” - 12”

Q: What certifications your products have acquired?

We’re ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, certified manufacturer; our products are PED /2014/68/EU Certified.

Q: What is the quality policy you have to maintain the performance?

Our Quality policy:-

We are committed to achieve ever-increasing levels of customer satisfaction through continual improvements in the quality of our products & services.

This will be achieved by our total commitment to:-

  • Deliver products to customers in the right quality on time , every time .
  • Provide compelling solutions to ensure that our customers succeed.
  • Continuous updating our technical competence.
  • Enhance the expertise of our people by periodic training.
  • Continuous improvements and upgrading our system.

Q: Which all countries you are exporting the products or do you have any plans?

We are exporting in Saudi Arabia & Qatar. However we are approaching in USA, Canada & Europe.

Yes, we are preparing documentations for Canadian Registration Number (CRN).

Q: What is the impact of pandemic on the business do you see?

Almost all the sectors have been adversely affected as domestic and exports demand. As we seen, the resultant lockdown due to COVID-19 took a toll on their revenues, throwing them in the face of an existential crisis. Production interruptions of raw material & spare parts. The ongoing spread of COVID-19 has seriously affected supply and demand in the supply chain. In production very affected due to lockdown and quarantine. However we have run the plant with proper followed guideline and complete our prestigious orders as stipulated time.

Q: India is aspiring 5 trillion economies and it has dethroned UK from its economic position. What future do you see of India and the fire industry?

India’s economic growth, rapid industrialization, as well as growing commercial sector and real estate industry is further fuelling the demand for fire and safety equipment. According to the findings of TechSci Research, the country’s fire & safety equipment market has a strong growth potential.

To keep pace with the growing demand, the fire, safety and security industry is evolving rapidly and offering innovative products. Industrial Safety Review analyses the key trends and innovations emerging in the fire, safety and security segment and the future growth prospects.

Q: What marketing strategy do you adopt to promote your product?

  • The act of creating attention for the brand or service through various mediums.
  • The step of generating interest to encourage buyers to want to know more.
  • Creating an emotional connection to the buyer so they want the product or like the brand.
  • The step when the buyer picks up a brochure calls to learn more or makes a purchase.
  • Once someone becomes a customer, the business turns its focus to satisfy the customer so they return and perhaps refer the company to friends and family.
  • Working with influencers.

Q: Any new product launch in the kitty?


Q: Any message for the readers?

Let us UNITE to create a work environment which is safer, cleaner & healthier, for the safety & well-being of our people. UNITE FORGE - “UNITED WE RISE”.

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