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Q: Having successful and stable carrier is a dream. What made you to take risk?

In 2011 I graduated from BITS, Pilani and had my stint with NTPC for 10 months. Not only my job was secure but also very comfortable. Since GRE scores were brilliant I had good chance to go to USA for masters & that was not difficult with good GRE scores

Sprit of adventurism & inquisitiveness are inbuilt part of my nature. I also have an inclination for business. You have good chance to create innovative and you have liberty to exert your ideas in action for value addition. I wanted to create something I can be proud of.

So opportunity knocked at the door with “Youngman”. But the previous records of Youngman were not encouraging as it had two failed attempts in India.

 I joined with “Youngman” as country manager. The office was opened at Greater Noida. We were about to seed new concept of Mobile Aluminum scaffolding & other work at height solution.

Since, it was a start up with limited resources. So, most of the money got invested for importing the first lot of stocks. I still remember that my warehouse & office was equipped with few plastic chairs. No lavish furniture or interior.

So, it was time for real action i.e. finding customers for selling the stock. We soon found out that the market was with its set of apprehensions like exorbitant prices, Aluminum?, risk of theft, heavy to handle etc. We tried everything we had in our kitty. We also participated in the exhibitions but result remained the same.

The family pressure started mounting. My decision of trying business was questioned.

The resources were limited & volatile. So, the economic pressure started giving sleepless nights. After much contemplation I decided to seek help from my parent company, if they agree. I am thankful they generously accepted but made it very clear that I can use this lifeline only once.

Time for the action again. Persistence and perseverance started paying off. Our efforts contributed towards our gradual growth. We got manufacturing facility in India. We are exporting our products to SAARC countries. Our products are compared by European quality by our esteemed customers.

I think we are on the right track but this is beginning of our journey and we still have to go far.


Q: What are the challenges in Occupational Safety in India?  How do you contribute in solution?

The effective safety measures implementation in all aspects of occupational safety is a challenge.

We are contributing solutions to work at height safety. The parent company has an expertise in providing solutions to work at height safety for 95 years which is UK based company. We strive to bring appropriate solution or tool for particular job. That will help to enhance safety and productivity at the job.

We want to be contributor in reducing number of deaths which prevails today at workplace. We are working on that direction. We are planning a drive we will rope in professionals for better understanding of products and its significance and how it is going to help to reduce causalities.

Q: What are the milestones Youngman India has achieved in last 10 years?

WC Youngman Ltd was founded by Charles Youngman in 1926. Youngman India builds on nearly 100-year-old history as a work-at-height solution provider, bringing the same design and manufacturing expertise to the Indian market.

Youngman India has now come to represent the leading name in scaffolding rental & hire, providing mobile towers to clients across India. Starting from scratch, Youngman India is now located in 18+ major cities across India.

We’re the pioneers not only to talk about safety in the Indian Construction industry, but also bringing forward the safety work-at-height solutions to reduce the fall from height accidents.

Youngman India bagged an award for the Safest & Innovative Product of the Year 2021 at the 17th Safety Convention for one of their most innovative products, Hanging Scaffolding System. We have brought a Scaffolding Evolution and moved from Aluminium Scaffolding to FRP Scaffoldings, from Scaffolding Solutions in Land to Rails to Air depending on the project complexities and client requirements.

We have been supporting complex height solutions and made the work easier for various projects across India. 11000+ Construction projects have been using our products since 2011. Presently we have 19500+ meters of Aluminium Scaffolding inventory which is the largest in India.

We have never compromised safety or quality. In present times we are considered to be avant garde  for providing best quality work-at-height solutions.

We have bagged an award in “Excellence in Work-at-Height Solutions” by India Architecture 2021.

We make sure that each product undergoes a vigorous testing process before it is supplied to our clients. We have been using the best quality of raw materials for our product development. Our R&D and Quality Control team makes it possible to come up with best feasible designs which becomes the most liked products in the industry.

Q: What is your focus area to excel in business further?

We are focusing o following points to drive our growth further:

Digitization of the business : First time in the Indian Construction Industry we bring digitization with interactive websites. Now you can RENT or BUY construction tools or equipment online.

Increase our Reach: It will reduce the distance between the site location and respective warehouses. This will help us to reach our customers within hours and the work can be initiated without any delay. The freight charges will be cut-down by more than 40% to 50% as well.

New Product Launches: We have set an example to provide innovative solutions according to client’s requirement. The more complex the project is, the better innovative solutions we land with. We have plans to launch new products to help our customers in different applications.

New Venture: We are looking forward to invest in new venture which will help customers to buy all types of screws, tools and other consumables online.

Instant Rent: Youngman Onsite has made it possible that construction tools and equipment provided onsite without delay has more productivity. The pilot run is completed and now we look forward to launch this unique setup across India.

Recruit to expand: We have been in a continuous hiring process as we expand across India. We are looking forward to hire the young talents and train them to become an asset for the company for a long run.

Q: How do you measure your success?

One most important criterion is customer satisfaction.  With that we associate with them again & again on other projects i.e. repetitive orders.

Technologically, our capability to develop new solutions & products for addressing the complexities and new challenges being faced during projects.

Overall, to expand our capability in such a way so that it becomes an assurance for 100% safety.


Q: Who are your core competitors & how you deal with competition?

Competition and competitors are positive factor in the market. It helps to evolve and improve constantly.

But as on today we have competition with ourselves.  We work diligently to improve our product to provide best fit safety solution.


Q: Last but not least, any message for our readers?

Life is precious it should not be risked for negligence of safety. Exercise safety effectively. Safety should not be imposed it should be a habit.

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