Fight fire with Fire

Published on: 05-Feb-2019, 01:01 PM     

My granddad always said you should fight fire with fire.

Maybe that's why he got fired from the fire service.

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How many firefighters

How many firefighters does it take to change a light bulb?

Four One to change the bulb and three to chop a hole in the roof.

Published on: 05-Feb-2019

Hunting Trip

Three firefighters went out on a hunting trip one day. There was a rookie a captain and a chief.

The weather was miserable and they had not seen any deer all day. Finally they came across an old shack where they went inside to ...

Published on: 05-Feb-2019

Firefighter Sons

What did the firefighter call his two sons?

HoseA and HoseB.

Published on: 05-Feb-2019

Unless you are a firefighter

It's always good to find out you are going to be working from home...

Unless you are a firefighter.

Published on: 05-Feb-2019

I am no longer a firefighter

At this time of year there is nothing I love more than sitting in front of a warm fire mulled wine in hand singing Christmas songs until I slowly fall asleep.

And that is why I am no longer a firefighter

Published on: 05-Feb-2019