Work at Height: Modern Challenges & Solutions

Published on: 10-Nov-2021, 12:33 PM     

                                                                       Work at Height: Modern Challenges & Solutions

Contributed by: Mr. Vanjul Jain, MD & CEO- Youngman India

According to L&T’s E&C division report 56 % of deaths are caused by fall & 25% due to improper platform. Hence the significance of the topic can be established.

The modern era has brought its set of complexities to address & work at height safety is one of them. Working at height remains one of the biggest causes of occupational fatalities and major injuries. Potential hazards due to working at height include potential of falling down from the working platform.

Who are at risk:

Maintenance & construction workers are most apt for the risk but there are variety of other work that may also involve the risk like painters, decorators, window cleaners etc. . They require proper skill which can be developed through proper training. They also need proper working equipments so that the risk can be minimized. As mentioned above working at height is one of the major cause of occupational fatalities.

Selection of Equipments:

Much to be taken in account before starting work at height. Proper equipments and planning is essential. Most suitable and appropriate equipments have to be provided. Other factors are important too like weather, working conditions, duration of the work etc.

There are many types of equipments are available which are very carefully chosen for a particular job.

Work at height safety solutions by Youngman:

We understand the risk in work at height safety. The causalities are heart breaking in occupational safety contributed by work at height.

Considering this fact Mr. Charles Youngman in 1926 founded to place solutions for work at height to contribute significantly for reducing number of causalities which is considered to be the one of the major contributor of occupational hazards. As right equipment is one of the major contributor of reducing accident he started working on solutions and today we are one of the significant player in providing work at height safety worldwide.

Youngman India has now come to represent the leading name in scaffolding rental & hire, providing mobile towers to clients across India. Starting from scratch, Youngman India is now located in 18+ major cities across India.

We’re the pioneers not only to talk about safety in the Indian Construction industry, but also bringing forward the safety work-at-height solutions to reduce the fall from height accidents.

Youngman India bagged an award for the Safest & Innovative Product of the Year 2021 at the 17th Safety Convention for one of their most innovative products, Hanging Scaffolding System. We have brought a Scaffolding Evolution and moved from aluminium Scaffolding to FRP Scaffoldings, from Scaffolding Solutions in Land to Rails to Air depending on the project complexities and client requirements.

We have been supporting complex height solutions and made the work easier for various projects across India. 11000+ Construction projects have been using our products since 2011. Presently we have 19500+ meters of Aluminium Scaffolding inventory which is the largest in India.

Products offered by Youngman:

Youngman India offers a wide range of products:

  • Ladder & Work platform
  • Scaffolds
  • Tools
  • Lifting
  • Pipework & Engineering
  • Site & Traffic Management
  • Heating Ventilation & Cooling
  • Compress & Pump
  • Electrical Equipments & Consumable


We have never compromised safety or quality. In present times we are considered to be no.1 to provide the best quality work-at-height solutions. We have bagged an award in “Excellence in Work-at-Height Solutions” by India Architecture Awards 2021. We make sure that each product undergoes a vigorous testing process before it is supplied to our clients. We have been using the best quality of raw materials for our product development. Our R&D and Quality Control team makes it possible to come up with best feasible designs which becomes the most liked products in the industry.

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Work at Height: Modern Challenges & Solutions


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